Coffee From Around The World

Coffee From Around The World

Coffee grows naturally in the regions of South and Central America, Africa and Asia that sit along the equator. The continents most known for their coffee production is Africa. Ethiopia in particular is widely regarded as the birthplace of coffee, with South America and Brazil taking the title of the world’s top coffee producer. 

The main factor that separates each of the continents coffees is their flavour profiles. 

South American coffee generally has rich and somewhat nutty notes of chocolate and caramel, while African beans tend to have more floral and fruity tones. 

But let's get a bit more specific about the different blends by country, and perhaps more light on the coffee producing regions that maybe don’t get talked about as much, like East Asia.

Asian coffees are known to be the richest and darkest blends, and generally not as ubiquitous as their South and Central American counterparts. The beans are generally less acidic and have a more savoury flavour than coffee from other regions.

Asian coffees are quite divisive among coffee lovers, both loved and strongly disliked by many. We love them though, and our favourite Asian Coffee-producing region has got to be Indonesia. 

Other Asian countries known for their coffee production are India and The Philippines. 

African coffees, as mentioned, are described as being more fruity and floral in flavour than blends from the Americas and Asia, with stronger, full-bodied flavours.

While Kenya and Uganda are both known for their coffee, Ethiopian coffee is the most iconic African blend. Ethiopia is regarded as the birthplace of coffee and according to the most passionate coffee connoisseurs, also produces the purest form. 

This is said to be because coffee grows wildly in Ethiopia, inspiring more complex and diverse flavour profiles. 

Probably being one of the most well known after South American coffee, Central American coffee tends to have very balanced flavour profiles that offer a pleasant mix of smooth sweetness and fruity tartness. 

And last but certainly not least, let's talk about South American coffee. South America is the continent most famous for its coffee production, the flavour profiles are often described as mild and light. 

Brazil is the world’s largest producer of Coffee and accounts for approximately 25% of the world’s total production. Brazillian coffee is described by many as having a creamy flavour with slightly chocolatey notes. 

Peru is another South American country that has earned its reputation as a major player in Coffee production, and its Greater Cajamarca region is home to many cooperative alliances between Cenfrocafe and local growers and producers to create clean and consistent coffee. 

Colombian coffee has also made a name for itself, with its flavour profile being described as sweet and less acidic than some of its other South American counterparts.

So, if you were slightly in the dark about the differences between the world’s coffees, then we hope this read will inform your decision on what region’s blends are best for you. 

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