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  • 100% UK Roasted

    Our coffee is flame roasted right here in the UK by our roastmasters.

  • Ethically Sourced

    We support community development initiatives and ensure growers have the tools to improve their living standards.

  • Flame Roasted

    We flame roast our coffees in small batches to order to get the best flavours and aromas.

  • Good For The Planet

    At We Are Coffee Co, we take our environmental responsibilities to protect our planet seriously.

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Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans Online

At We Are Coffee Co, we freshly roast our coffee beans on a daily basis for worldwide distribution; because we believe great coffee should be shared and easily accessible. 

Enjoy your coffee your way; choose your preferred grind, roast profile, and country of origin; we will roast them to order and deliver them straight to your door.

Whether it's ground bean or whole bean, filtered or espresso, ight, medium or dark roast; we have something for everyone. 

Be sure to give our famous speciality micro lots coffees a try. These coffees feature elegant tasting notes such as caramel, apple, cedar, citrus and sweet fruity berries which are grown and sourced in the most idyllic tropical provinces.

We don't just make coffee, We Are Coffee.

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