Definitive Guide to Selecting Speciality Coffee

Definitive Guide to Selecting Speciality Coffee

At We Are Coffee Co we only produce the very highest quality coffees from around the world, all our coffees are Single Origin Specialty Grade. 

Whilst it’s true that selecting and finding a coffee which matches your preferences is somewhat of a subjective process, and in truth the best remedy to finding your favourite coffees is often a process of trial and error, at We Are Coffee Co we have developed a framework to categorise our coffees to help our customers make an informed decision.

Selecting by Origin

In the first instance, one can select coffee based on their Country of Origin. We Are Coffee Co master roasters work tirelessly cupping coffees from all over the world to ensure we offer only the very highest quality coffee from each of the countries on our list. For a more in depth analysis of the background and characteristics pertaining to each origin, see here;

Selecting by Processing Method

Another way one can select Specialty Coffee is based on how the coffee is processed, from Natural to Washed are a combination thereof, to more exotic new processing methods such as our Natural 72 Hour Macerated Honduran Micro Lot, how the coffee is processed will also determine the unique characteristics of that coffee. For a more in-depth analysis of ‘Coffee Processing Techniques’ see our article on this here;

Selecting by Roast Profile

In addition to origin and processing method, the roast profile will also greatly affect the unique characteristics of a given coffee. At We Are Coffee Co we solely produce Specialty Grade single origin coffees. Most Speciality coffees benefit from a lighter roast as a generalization so as not to destroy the delicate tasting notes inherent in quality Specialty Coffees. That said, there are some Specialty Coffees which when cupped do lean toward being roasted with a darker roast profile. Our range includes a variety of roast profiles for you to choose from. For a more in depth review on the various roast profiles, see our blog article on this here;

We Are Coffee Co Unique Characteristics and Tasting Note Categories

Whilst country of origin, processing method and roast profile can serve as good guide on what you can expect, Specialty coffees differ somewhat from the ‘run of the mill’ single origin coffees on the market, as they have been specifically bred to develop their unique characteristics. To that end, we have developed a unique framework developed by our master roasters and tasting team which categorizes our specialty coffees into broad categories, to help you make a more informed decision.


This season our ‘Chocolate & Nuts’ coffee has been selected from Brazil Fezenda Santa Hedwirges. Our Chocolate & Nuts coffees have that unmistakable ‘snickers’ mouth feel, a great all-round coffee anytime of the day. See here for more details;


For this seasons Sweet Berries & Botanical’s selection, we have selected a truly outstanding Ethiopian from Sidama region. Packed with berry & botancical notes, with a floral and tea like finish. See here for more details;


For our Tropical Fruit Bowl selection this season, our team have selected a truly exceptional Peruvian coffee from San Fernando region. A heavy bodied cup with tasting notes of mango and plum and with overtones of caramel sweetness running through, if you’re looking for that special tropical fruit and heavy bodied cup, you’ll be sure to love this. See here for more details;


This versatile category will typically have (unlike the Chocolate & Nuts category with bold notes) more subtle clean notes of light milk chocolate, with crisp fruity notes and sweet finish. For this seasons selection we have our Colombian Inza Pedregal, see here for more details;


A real all-day drinker,  this category will have bold fruity notes. This seasons selection sees as go to Guatemala for an intense stone fruit experience. See here for more details;


Our Red Berries and spice category this season is derived from Rwanda, a truly unique velvety and sweet cup with berry and spice undertones. See here for more details;


In this category we will showcase those truly unique micro lots, with unusual processing methods to develop those truly weird wonderful and funky notes. This season sees us travel to Honduras, with our 72 hour naturally macerated Carlos Alfredo, producing a special one off coffee experience. Be quick we only buy these in small quantities, when they are gone they’re gone! See here for more details;


There are various definitions of what constitutes ‘strong’ coffee in the industry. In our case, we are referring to the boldness and body of the cup. This season our team has selected a special Indonesian from the Tim Tim region, with deep notes of prune jam, tamarind and dark chocolate, those looking for something that really packs a punch need look no further, see here for more details;


 Whilst Arabicas dominate the Specialty coffee market, there are more Specialty producers turning their skills to developing Specialty grade Robusta coffees. We are sufficiently impressed with the quality of some of the Specialty Robusta’s on the market, we want to showcase the finest with you. This season we have selected a Specialty Robusta from India, with caramelised notes of chocolate and nuts with strawberry tones, we think you’ll be suitably impressed with the quality of this Specialty Robusta, for more details see here;


Drinking decaf coffee need no longer be the terrible taste experience, as was often the case before the advent of Specialty Grade Decaf coffees. This seasons decaf from Colombian (San Lorenzo) is Sugar Cane processed, with fruity notes of raspberry and cheery, with soft almond fudge and chocolate, this is a real treat any time of the day. Drinking great quality coffee in the evening is now possible with this caffeine free specialty brew offering only the great taste, with none of the sleep altering caffeine. See here for more details;


Our master roasting team have been developing award winning coffees since 1975. Like a great Michelin star chef showcasing their skills, our Master Roasters signature espresso blend will similarly dazzle and delight.  Our signature espresso blend is a mix of our Brazilian and Guatemala Specialty Arabicas, mixed with our Specialty Robusta from India. See here for more details;

We hope this article has been helpful in assisting you in how to think about selecting your coffee. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us on

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