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Embark on a bespoke coffee journey with We Are Coffee Co's exclusive Build-A-Blend experience. Tailor-made to ignite your senses, our custom blend option allows you to become the master of your morning cup. Choose from our curated selection of 12 premium coffees to create a blend that's uniquely yours.

Your Blend, Your Adventure: With We Are Coffee Co, you're not just selecting a blend; you're embarking on a sensory adventure. Choose your beans, define your roast, and savuor a coffee experience that is uniquely yours.

We have condensed down the main characteristics from our various origins to assist you thinking about how you’ll create your own custom blend. We can’t wait to see what you choose, and do reach out if you would like any further pointers, our roast masters will be only too happy to help;

South American Notes:

  • Brazil (Natural): Revel in the full-bodied richness and smooth, nutty undertones, perfect as a base for your blend.
  • Colombia (Washed): Introduce the classic caramel sweetness and citrus zest for a lively twist.
  • Peru (Washed): Add a touch of delicate floral notes and a creamy body to soften and balance your creation.

African Rhythms:

  • Ethiopian (Natural): Infuse your blend with the iconic wild berry flavors and winey acidity for an adventurous sip.
  • Kenya (Washed): Elevate with a bright acidity and hints of redcurrant and black tea for a sophisticated edge.
  • Rwanda (Washed): Harmonize with subtle notes of vanilla and sweet caramel for a silky finish.

Central American Harmony:

  • Guatemala (Washed): Complement with some tropical fruit notes.
  • Honduras (Natural Maceration): Offer a unique twist with its complex fruity notes and lush mouthfeel.
  • Costa Rica (Washed): Round out your blend with a clean, balanced cup and hints of apricot.

Asian Pacific Essence:

  • Indonesia (Giling Basah): Ground your blend with earthy, spicy undertones and a full, syrupy body.
  • Papua New Guinea (Washed): Add a vibrant kick with tropical fruit notes and a crisp finish.
  • India SETHURAMAN ESTATE (Specialty Robusta): Introduce a rare specialty-grade Robusta for a bold, intense crema and a smooth chocolate finish.

Crafting Your Blend: The interplay of these coffees can be as nuanced or as bold as you desire. Combine the chocolate and nutty notes of South American beans with the fruity vibrance of African coffees for a blend that is both grounded and exhilarating. Or, marry the clean, crisp notes of Central American beans with the earthy depth of Asian Pacific varieties for a cup that tells a story of global harmony.

Your Roast, Your Rules: Select a minimum of two and up to five distinct beans to craft your own signature blend. Whether you're in the mood for the bold intensity of a dark roast, the balanced harmony of a medium roast, or the bright notes of a light roast, your perfect profile is just a blend away.

You Fired It Up: With We Are Coffee Co, you're not just picking a blend; you're igniting a passion. Each order is freshly roasted, ensuring the most vibrant flavours reach your cup.

Your Blend, Your Format: Love the tactile ritual of grinding your own beans? Prefer the convenience of pre-ground coffee? We cater to all preferences. Choose from whole beans, cafetière grind, filter grind, or espresso grind to suit your brewing style.

Specialty Grade, Infinite Possibilities: All our beans are specialty grade, ensuring the highest quality in your cup. Arabicas bring complexity and elegance, while our exceptional Robusta adds a robust kick. Mix beans by processing method for a consistent flavour theme, or cross boundaries for a blend that surprises and delights with every sip.

Gift Giving, Elevated: Transform your Build-A-Blend into a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift. Opt for our elegant gift box and wrapping service to surprise the coffee aficionado in your life. It's more than a gift; it's a personal coffee adventure.

You Are Coffee Co: We believe in coffee that's as individual as you are. Your choices bring this blend to life, from the roast to the grind to the unique combination of beans.

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