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Sethuraman Estate

Sethuraman Estate

Origin: India
SCA Cup Score: 84.5
Cup Profile ☕: Caramelised, Chocolate, Nutty, Strawberry
Roast: Medium

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Join us on a journey to the acclaimed Sethuraman Estate, a hidden gem in the verdant landscapes of India. Recognised globally for their high-quality Robusta coffees, they challenge the traditional narrative of Robusta as a lower grade coffee. Our bean of choice, the Peredinya variety, has a rich heritage that traces back to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. This unique lineage brings an element of regal legacy to each cup, transforming your coffee experience into something truly special.


Harmonising with nature, the Peredinya variety is ethically grown under the shade of canopy trees, promoting biodiversity and resulting in healthier, flavourful beans. These beans are meticulously handpicked at their prime, showcasing a conscious balance between agricultural productivity and environmental preservation. The commitment to this sustainable growing process is evident in every bean, echoing our dedication to producing exceptional coffee while respecting our environment.


Following the harvest, the Peredinya beans embark on their next journey to our roastery nestled in the heart of Norfolk Kings Lynn. Here, our artisan roasters harness the power of our vintage Whitmee and Probat gas roasters to transform the green beans into the perfect roast. The delicate flame roasting process further refines the unique flavour profile of the beans, balancing the notes of chocolate, cooked strawberry, caramel, and nuts that are intrinsic to this Speciality Grade Robusta.


The coffee journey reaches its peak in the pour. Each cup brewed is a testimony to the meticulous processes and dedicated people involved - from the shade-covered fields of Sethuraman Estate to our master roasters in Norfolk Kings Lynn. Savour the taste of the coffee's rich heritage, the sustainable farming practices, the careful roasting process, and ultimately, the crafted pour. This offers you an indulgent coffee experience that goes beyond just taste, embodying a story of legacy, dedication, and mastery.

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