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Basha Bekele

Basha Bekele

Origin: Ethiopia
SCA Cup Score: 87.5
Cup Profile ☕: Tropical notes of pineapple and ripe mango, complemented by rich strawberry jam and red plum. Giving this product a heavy body with a unique floral aftertaste.
Roast: Light

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Our story unfolds in the picturesque Bensa region of Sidama, Ethiopia, often considered the birthplace of coffee. Our specially chosen beans are nurtured in the Bombe Village Farm Lot #3, under the meticulous care of Basha and his family. They cultivate the distinct Heirloom varietal #74160, recognized for its pronounced citrus and floral notes, echoing the rich biodiversity of its Ethiopian roots.


The Basha Bekele coffee is grown within the comforting shade of native trees, emulating a forest habitat. This environment promotes robust growth, infusing the beans with the essence of the local ecology. The process involves careful hand-picking of the coffee cherries, embracing traditional farming methods to preserve quality and authenticity. The cherries are then dried for about a month on raised beds at Basha's home, allowing nature to weave its magic.


The journey continues to our award-winning master roasting team in the UK. Our experts employ a unique flame roasting method using vintage Whitmee and Probat artisan gas roasters. This process, honed over decades since 1975, amplifies the beans' inherent flavours. It helps bring out the vibrant tropical fruit notes of pineapple and ripe mango, intertwined with rich strawberry jam and red plum undertones. The roasting creates a heavy-bodied coffee with a uniquely floral aftertaste, distinguishing our Ethiopian Basha Bekele.


Every cup served is a symphony of flavours and aromas, embodying the story of its origin, the diligent cultivation, the meticulous roasting process. With a sip, the journey unfurls, immerses you in a rich tapestry of tropical and berry flavours, punctuated by a unique floral aftertaste. This delightful coffee experience celebrates not just the outstanding quality of Ethiopian coffee, but also the commitment and passion of everyone involved in its journey from farm to cup.

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