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Kanya 019

Kanya 019

Origin: Rwanda
SCA Cup Score: 85.75
Cup Profile ☕: Vanilla, blackberry, fig, toffee, roasted hazelnut, very sweet and velvety.
Roast: Light

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The genesis of our unique Rwandan Kanya 019 coffee begins with the painstaking efforts of devoted smallholder farmers in the verdant environs of the Kanya Washing Station. These agrarians, guided by the wisdom of generations, tend to their farms which dot the regions around Lake Kivu and in the southern province. Seldom larger than a single hectare, they cultivate the cherished Bourbon varietal with care and traditional knowledge passed down through generations.


Nestled within Rwanda's sublime topography, where generous rainfall, fertile volcanic soils, and high altitudes naturally convene, the Bourbon varietal finds its true habitat. With an annual life cycle beginning with blossoming in September and culminating in the harvest from March to July, these beans are nurtured to exhibit unique flavours, a testament to the region's remarkable terroir.


On arrival at our roastery in Norfolk, the green coffee is greeted by our seasoned roast masters. Utilising our time-honoured Whitmee and Probat gas roasters, the beans undergo a careful flame roasting process, ensuring a delightful balance between their inherent vanilla, blackberry, fig, toffee, and roasted hazelnut flavours. This light roast coffee is thus a curated symphony of flavours, waiting to be unveiled.


The final pour of our Rwanda Kanya 019 coffee is akin to an exquisite performance. Each cup, boasting an impressive SCA Quality Score of 85.75, delivers a velvety, sweet sensation that lingers on the palate. Beyond the captivating taste, each sip is a celebration of the journey from the coffee farms of Rwanda to your table, a journey of unwavering dedication, traditional wisdom, and artisan craftsmanship.

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