Lee Stephenson – Senior Roasting Specialist

With an enduring passion for the intricate craft of coffee roasting, Lee Stephenson is a seasoned artisan who has dedicated over two decades to the art of transforming humble green beans into cups of aromatic delight. He embarked on this fascinating journey with our company in 1991 and has been an indispensable part of our team ever since.
What excites Lee the most about his craft is the perennial opportunity for learning and growth. He loves the dynamic nature of coffee roasting; every bean and blend brings new lessons and discoveries, making each day a captivating adventure.
His favourite aspect of the craft lies in blending high-quality single-origin coffees. Much like a maestro conducting a harmonious symphony, Lee carefully selects the most outstanding elements from each origin to craft a blend that is more than the sum of its parts. For him, this process resonates with his love for cooking - the joy of combining individual ingredients to create a dish that is exceptionally flavourful and satisfying.
In every blend he creates, you can taste the love, dedication, and creativity that Lee pours into his work. His unyielding commitment to quality and innovation makes him not just a coffee roaster, but a true coffee artist.