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Santa Hedwirges

Santa Hedwirges

Origin: Brazil
SCA Cup Score: 84.25
Cup Profile ☕: Plum and cherry with almond and a rich dark chocolate body.
Roast: Medium

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Delicate lOur coffee journey begins in the verdant region of Boa Esperança in Sul de Minas, Brazil. Here, the Fazenda Santa Hedwirges cultivates the robust Topazio coffee beans. We work in close-knit partnership with these dedicated farmers, ensuring a sustainable and fair-trade sourcing process. The meticulous harvest and selection of each coffee cherry is a testament to the dedication and passion of these skilled artisans. The journey of our single-origin Brazilian coffee is a story of love, commitment, and attention to detail, a story we invite you to experience with each bag.avender floral notes with undertones of cashews, intense stone fruit, pistachio as well as meringue to give this product a long tropical fruit finish that delivers every single time.


Deep in the high terrains of Sul de Minas, standing at 1230 meters above sea level, the Fazenda Santa Hedwirges pioneers a blend of traditional farming and modern agronomic practices. Here, sun drying processes are used to enhance the inherent fruit flavours of each coffee bean, contributing to our distinctive coffee profile. The farm is a living testimony to the harmonious co-existence with nature, emphasizing biodiversity, native tree plantation, and environmentally-conscious practices. The dedicated hands of the farmers ensure that every coffee tree flourishes, leading to the production of beans that carry an unmatched Brazilian essence.


Our journey continues in the UK at our roastery in Kings Lynn, where the art of roasting coffee is celebrated with zeal at We Are Coffee Co. Each batch of our Brazilian beans undergoes a delicate flame-roasting process in small batches, handled by our experienced team of master roasters. This skilful process gives birth to a perfect medium roast that accentuates the beans' natural characteristics and pays homage to our artisan roasters. This step is more than a process; it's a meticulous craft that turns high-quality beans into an exceptional coffee experience.


The final stage of our coffee's journey is in your cup. Savour the sophisticated blend of flavours captured in each sip of our Brazilian coffee. With captivating fruit notes of plum and cherry intertwined with the lingering taste of rich dark chocolate, every cup serves as a tribute to the passion and craftsmanship that defines We Are Coffee Co. This coffee isn't just a beverage, but an invitation to cherish each moment, to elevate your day, and to relish in a tranquillity that only a well-crafted cup of coffee can offer.

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