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Inza Pedregal

Inza Pedregal

Origin: Colombia
SCA Cup Score: 85.75
Cup Profile ☕: Blackcurrant and peach with notes of black tea with brown sugar and milk chocolate.
Roast: Light

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Our journey to find the finest Colombian coffee takes us to the highlands of the Macizo Colombiano plateau. Here, in the municipality of Inza, Cauca, smallholder farms devote their lives to cultivating specialty coffee under the unique conditions that altitudes over 2000 metres above sea level provide. From the moment of harvest, each coffee cherry is treated with utmost care, ensuring that only the best beans make their way into our roasters.


Coffee trees thrive in the indigenous history-laden soils of Inza, a place known for its rich cultural heritage dating back to 1577. The small plots of land, averaging between 1.8-2 ha, house a diversity of coffee varietals including Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, Tabi, Castillo, and some Pink Bourbon. The farming practices focus on sustainable methods, and the commitment of these farmers to quality is evident in every bean they harvest.


Our master roasting team in the UK receives these coffee beans with anticipation. Each batch is expertly hand roasted on our vintage Whitmee and Probat artisan gas roasters. This flame roast finishing process confers a unique quality to our coffee, intensifying its flavour profile. When expertly light roasted, our Inza Pedregal coffee reveals its full potential.


As the aroma of our freshly roasted Inza Pedregal fills the air, anticipation builds. Every sip of this Colombian specialty coffee transports you to the highlands of Cauca, inviting you to savour the notes of blackcurrant, peach, and chocolate. The undercurrents of black tea and sugar bring a delightful balance, making each cup an unforgettable experience.

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