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San Lorenzo Decaf

San Lorenzo Decaf

Origin: Colombia
SCA Cup Score: 84.25
Cup Profile ☕: Raspberry and cherry with a smooth chocolate and almond fudge.
Roast: Medium

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Every bean of our Colombian Sugarcane Decaf hails from the meticulous endeavours of smallholder farmers in Rio Sucio, Caldas. This Specialty Grade coffee is the fruit of the combined efforts of the San Lorenzo indigenous group, part of the Cooperativa de Caficultores de Alto Occidente de Caldas. Guided by their profound respect for Pacha Mama, they view the land as a living entity and strive to safeguard the environment by minimizing their impact from coffee cultivation.


Nestled in the fertile soils of Colombia, at altitudes of 1600-2000 MASL, grow our exceptional Specialty Grade Colombian Sugarcane Decaf coffee trees. Mainly of the Castillo and Caturra varietals, these trees are tenderly nurtured by 1,150 farmers across 21 communities. Each farmer meticulously tends about 2500 coffee trees on their 0.5 Ha plots, ensuring a personalized touch to every plant.


Once at our Norfolk-based roastery, our Colombian Sugarcane Decaf coffee is attentively hand-roasted in small batches by our award-winning roasting team. Using our vintage Whitmee and Probat artisan gas roasters, we accomplish a unique flame-roasted quality that culminates in a medium-roast coffee that holds a delightful flavour profile.


As you pour a cup of our Colombian Sugarcane Decaf coffee, you're not just tasting coffee; you're immersing yourself in a fusion of traditional farming practices and an innovative decaffeination process. Our process, unlike many other decaffeination methods, retains the inherent flavours of the coffee beans, delivering a caffeine-free experience without sacrificing depth or complexity. Savour the tasting notes of raspberry and cherry, intertwined with smooth chocolate and almond fudge, for a memorable sip at any hour of the day.

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