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Origin: Guatemala
SCA Cup Score: 86.25
Cup Profile ☕: Delicate lavender floral, cashews, intense stone fruit, pistachio, meringue, long tropical fruit finish.
Roast: Light

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Start your journey with us in the heart of the Antigua region of Guatemala. Here, the Los Volcanes Coffee (LVC) project maintains a firm commitment to ethical, sustainable sourcing. This includes fair pricing, with LVC offering the highest rates in the region for the entire coffee cherry harvest. Founder Josué Morales and his team ensure that farmers are compensated promptly, within two weeks of their delivery to Beneficio La Esperanza. Our coffee cherries are collected from various local farms daily, guaranteeing the freshest harvest for our customers. The result is a unique blend of respect for local farmers, a commitment to quality and a dedication to sustainable practices.


Our Guatemala Antigua coffee blend is a combination of beans sourced from a community of 43 producers located on the slopes of the majestic Volcán de Agua, as well as historic farms including Fincas Covadonga, La Guadelupe, San Inacio, Santa Barbara, and San Carlos. LVC not only purchases their coffee but also provides them with resources to improve soil quality and offers educational workshops. The coffee cherries grown at 1550-1900 metres above sea level are meticulously selected for their quality, resulting in a Specialty Grade classification for our Bourbon & Catuai varieties.


The roasting process is where artistry meets passion. Our vintage Whitmee and Probat gas roasters facilitate an intimate flame roasting process that enhances the beans' inherent flavours. This process captures the beans' journey from the fertile farms of Antigua to our roastery in the UK. Our master roasters bring out the delicate floral notes of lavender, the nutty undertones and a lingering tropical fruit finish. This deviation from the standard convection roasting method helps us craft a unique, unforgettable coffee experience.


Every cup of our Antigua Guatemalan coffee is a moment of revelation. The vibrant aroma that greets you upon opening the bag sets the stage for a multi-sensory experience. As hot water meets the grounds, the robust flavours unravel, unfolding notes of stone fruit, nuts, lavender, tropical fruit, and subtle undertones of cashew, pistachio, and meringue. This is more than just a beverage; it's an appreciation of the craftsmanship of the growers and roasters, a celebration of tradition, innovation, and a shared love for coffee.

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