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Burni Telong

Burni Telong

Origin: Indonesia
SCA Cup Score: 84.75
Cup Profile ☕: Grapefruit and prune jam, partnered with indulgent dark chocolate and tamarind gives this product a full heavy body unlike any other.
Roast: Dark

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Every bean of our Burni Telong coffee narrates a story of precise sourcing and judicious selection. We source this particular lot from 60 dedicated local farmers in Bener Meriah, Aceh, Sumatra, under the experienced guidance of our local collector, Mahdi. Boasting over 20 years of coffee cultivation experience, Mahdi ensures that only the best, diligently cultivated coffee beans embark on the journey to your cup.


Burni Telong coffee owes its distinctive character to its fertile birthplace. Cultivated at altitudes between 1300-1600 MASL and thriving in the nutrient-rich volcanic soils cast under the shadow of the 'Fire Volcano', these Tim-Tim varietal beans savour a unique terroir. Each small farm, spanning across 0-1 hectares, basks in the optimal coffee growing conditions offered by the region.


At our Norfolk-based roastery, every step in our roasting process serves to accentuate the unique flavours of the Burni Telong coffee. Under the careful watch of our skilled roasters, a dark roasting process teases out the full-bodied, rich notes of grapefruit, prune jam, dark chocolate, and tamarind. The result is a bold, intricate coffee that will undoubtedly delight the palate of dark roast aficionados.


As you pour yourself a cup of Burni Telong coffee, the aroma and taste reveal the artisanal craftsmanship behind each stage of its journey. From the careful cultivation methods employed by Sumatran farmers, to the meticulous roasting and packaging, every sip is an immersive taste of this coffee's incredible journey. With our Burni Telong coffee, each pour is an invitation to embark on a Sumatran taste adventure.

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