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Kenya - Kiunyu AA

Kenya - Kiunyu AA

Origin: Kenya
SCA Cup Score: 85.0
Cup Profile ☕: Black Tea, Redcurrant, Peach, Lemon
Roast: Light

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Embark on a voyage to the picturesque landscapes of Kiandumu in Kirinyaga county, Kenya, where the renowned Kiunyu washing station stands. This destination is where we source our distinctive Kiunyu AA beans, grown and nurtured by a collective of 3,825 dedicated farmers. At an elevation of 1,670 meters above sea level, the climate strikes a harmonious balance of warm days and cool nights, producing a cherry renowned for its sweetness and density.


Our Kiunyu AA beans spring from the enriched soils of Kirinyaga, where farms span an average size of 250 to 350 trees. The fertile lands benefit from the expertise of Kahawa Bora agronomists, who provide essential training, agronomic advice, and soil sampling. These methods ensure our beans receive a tailored nourishment recipe, fostering healthier trees and superior-quality cherries.
The bean's lineage traces back to renowned Kenyan varieties, including SL28 and SL34, with deep-rooted histories from the Scott Agricultural Laboratories in the early 20th century. These varieties are celebrated for their ability to thrive without irrigation. We also embrace newer introductions like the Batian and Ruiru 11, both heralded for their disease resistance and early maturity.


Once cultivated, our cherries embark on a meticulous journey of transformation at the Kiunyu Factory. Here, they undergo a rigorous process of handpicking, pulping, fermenting, washing, and drying on raised beds. The final product, our AA-grade beans, represents the pinnacle of size and quality, with a diameter surpassing 7.2mm. These beans, once roasted, captivate the senses with fragrances of florals, sweet berries, and hints of black tea, telling tales of their rich Kenyan heritage.


As you pour a cup of our Kenya Kiunyu AA, you're not merely indulging in a beverage; you're sipping on centuries of Kenyan coffee tradition. This brew pays homage to the meticulous attention to detail upheld by Kenyan washing stations and the enduring reputation of Kenyan coffee's exquisite flavors. Every sip resonates with the passion of over 600,000 smallholders and the rich tapestry of the Farmer Cooperative Societies, making it a cup that's as soulful as the lands from which it hails.

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