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San Fernando

San Fernando

Origin: Peru
SCA Cup Score: 86.5
Cup Profile ☕: Mango, strawberry, dark chocolate, plum and caramel sweetness, long stone fruit finish.
Roast: Light

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Our Peruvian San Fernando Specialty Grade Coffee originates from the historic Inca Empire's heartland in the Cusco region. Cultivated by local cooperatives Valle Incahuasi and Cooperativa San Fernando, the coffee embodies the traditional wisdom and heritage of the indigenous farmers. These stewards of the earth work in harmony with their surroundings, echoing the practices of their ancestors. With the grandeur of the Choqesafra valley and the historical aura of the Inkawasi district providing the backdrop, this coffee carries the imprint of a time-honoured culture.


The coffee plants thrive under the caring shade, drawing nourishment from the health-conscious soils of the lofty San Fernando, Pacayamba, Amabamba, and Apaylla regions. The coffee cherries are hand-picked with precision and care, embodying the close attention paid to every growth detail. Following this, the cherries undergo a meticulous natural process: cleaned, washed, and placed on raised African-style drying beds. Over 28 days, they're regularly turned every hour to ensure uniformity and consistency, finally reaching an optimal moisture content of 10%. The result is a coffee that stands as a testament to sustainable, eco-friendly farming practices.


The journey of our Peruvian coffee continues in the UK with our award-winning master roasting team. We hand roast each order to perfection using our vintage Whitmee and Probat artisan gas roasters. This unique flame roasting process, enhanced by our master roasters' accumulated wisdom over 60 years, amplifies the beans' inherent qualities. As the flames dance, they unlock a delightful combination of tasting notes: mango, strawberry, dark chocolate, plum, and a caramel sweetness combined with a long stone fruit finish. The roast brings forward a light coffee that beautifully showcases its Peruvian roots.


The climax of this story is in the pour, bringing the remarkable journey from the ancient Peruvian highlands to your cup. Each serving is a harmonious blend of tropical fruits and berry flavours with a floral aftertaste, embodying the coffee's origin, careful cultivation, and meticulous roasting process. This aromatic experience is not just a testament to the outstanding quality of Peruvian coffee, but also an homage to the passion, commitment, and labour of love of everyone involved in its journey. Enjoy the perfect finale of our coffee journey and elevate your coffee experience with our Peruvian San Fernando Specialty Grade Coffee.

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